A Larger than Life Production

A Larger than Life Production
Orange County Convention Center- Orlando, FL

LSAV collaborated with their client and event producer Flirt Communications, to assist in the design, operation and execution of this high energy sales conference. The event featured a 120’ wide center screen which was outlined by numerous, boldly lit scenic elements.

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Featured Industry News

Featured Industry News: Successfully Navigating the In-House V. Outside Vendor Question

Sometimes it’s what you don’t see that can sink your ship.

Planning and executing successful meetings for your organization can be an undertaking of a Titanic proportion. For every decision you make, to shape the meeting, there will be issues that lurk beneath the surface. These hidden hazards can easily put a big hole in your budget.

As the buyer of services from a venue, you have lots of leverage to negotiate the best terms for your event. You must consider everything before you make a venue selection and especially before you sign any contract with the hotel or convention center.

LSAV would like to offer some thoughts about the technical support of your event and perhaps shine some light on the things that are not immediately apparent. Read the full article here!

Prana Exhibit Design

Prana Exhibit Design: Outdoor Retailer Summit
Salt Lake City, UT

The best trade show booths are the ones that strengthen a company’s brand by creating an immersive environment for all attendees. This is where lighting comes in. A lighting design that uses the right colors, tones and placement will change the entire look and feel of your booth.

Since 2007, LSAV has partnered with Prana, an eco-friendly clothing company, for the 2015 Outdoor Retailer Summit. As Prana’s audiovisual provider, LSAV designed the lighting for their trade show booth and supported local stage crews with rigging, video projection and sound systems.

LSAV’s designers have continually demonstrated excellence by incorporating the right lighting to help Prana win, “The Best Booth Award.”

See the lighting design that helped Prana win!

Projection Mapping

Creative Solutions: Projection Mapping Capabilities

The LSAV team shows you a glimpse into the creative process used to design and develop custom content and scenic elements for a projection mapped virtual set. With the unlimited creative capabilities that the world of projection mapping brings, LSAV’s team is proud to be a rental partner with d3 Technologies. Read the full press release here.

By adding d3 Technologies’ media servers to its rental inventory, LSAV elevates the company’s ability to provide the latest in digital projection, LED displays and HD signal processing to transform events into memorable experiences.

Watch how LSAV blended projection mapping and custom content here!


Inside LSAV: A New Source of Information

LSAV is excited to announce the launch of LSAV Live, a company blog designed to support the event industry. The featured categories include: solutions and tips, showcases, industry news, a look Inside LSAV and In the Community. “LSAV is excited to build stronger connections with our clients and the live event community with a blog that is informative and educational.”
–LSAV Internal Creative Director, Chyrel Banias.

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