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Take a walk with us into a unique space to see a custom scenic build that we completed in the blink of an eye! With little time, and a large task to finish, our scenic, creative, logistics and production teams all banded together to complete this project on time and on budget.

We were tasked with creating a custom, modular, interlocking wall system that allowed numerous rooms to be built in a flash. In efforts to complete this project effectively, the scenic needed to be durable, ship efficiently and assembled easily by our on-site team.

To communicate the theme of each room, our graphics team supported the design of scenic application, and pre- production proofs of the digital files that were either direct to print or applied vinyl. Once these graphics were provided, our scenic team then labeled and organized hundreds of panels for an effective set-up and strike. 

View the LSAV portfolio for more photos!

Jump into the spotlight for this scenic design reveal!  We collaborated with a new production client to create this beautifully designed set. It is complete with both flat and curved tension fabric screens and brushed metal work to enhance the screens and custom stage. The fabricated pieces and high- quality projection made for a striking look and a truly memorable corporate event. 


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DecoTec appeals to the audience in a new form for this event. Multiple surfaces of different shapes, stole the show.  Based on a client designed set, our DecoTec, tension fabric solution incorporated a 16 x 9 rear projection screen and 9' circular rear projection surface; both used for primary, logo and messaging content. 


This set design and projection solution allowed for the event’s content to be delivered effectively, and exhibit several looks that were true to the brand, yet creative. 


See more DecoTec photos under our scenic solutions  here! 

Fly through our event staging process with a quadro copter! See how we transformed an empty space into a captivating event with the help of our logistics team, engineers and project managers.


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Clearcom’s HelixNet Digital Intercom solves the problems that have plagued wired intercom for years: scalability, noise, and channel isolation. The move to digital audio takes away the buzzes, hums, crackles, and pops that have crept into systems over the years while creating more capability with less cabling, hardware, and frustration.



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