Design & Develop

Envision the Plan

LSAV POWERHOUSE is home to our award-winning team of creatives who understand objectives and share a deep passion to deliver compelling, target-driven attendee and customer experiences. At LSAV, we have a knack for seeing the 30,000-foot view of a challenge without missing the details, but we are always checking our side views for leading-edge solutions. Unleash LSAV POWERHOUSE where we catch lightning in a bottle and turn ideas into experiences.

Storyboarding & Pre-Visualization

Thematic Development • Virtual Fly-Throughs

Inspiration for your event can come from anywhere…design from a sketch on a napkin. At LSAV, we take those ideas, develop them into fully executable plans and show you the experience - before we ever put hammer to nail.

Scenic & Exhibit Design

CAD Drafting • Value Engineering • Assembly & Installation

Innovative ideas, clear direction and concise drawings are the basis for our creative designs. At LSAV POWERHOUSE, we create experiences.

Show Content Design

Graphic Presentations • Show Video • Onsite Video Production • Video Mapping

If a picture is worth a thousand words, what is a video worth? At LSAV POWERHOUSE, we take boring data and create content that engages, communicates and connects with your audience.

Go Build

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