United Backstage Experience

When LSAV first heard about United BACKSTAGE, we knew that this would be an unprecedented and groundbreaking event for both the airline and events industry. This massive experience was designed to provide flight attendants, some of United’s most important brand ambassadors, with insight into management’s strategic game plan for the future. BACKSTAGE was to be a new, transformational experience designed to connect the diverse and decentralized workforce of the skies, and to overcome the outside distractions and preset notions surrounding conventional training.  

Our challenge: to find and design a space agile enough to welcome 25,000 employees over 35 consecutive weeks–and to do so in a matter of months. By acquiring and developing a 120,000 sq. ft warehouse space, we had the flexibility to design and produce a unique venue to meet extraordinary project requirements. The venue included a main stage that seated 900, eight technology-fueled breakout rooms, an interactive marketplace of hands-on resources, and a technology lounge, giving Flight Attendants the tools and support they need to deliver great service. Working in tandem with United, LSAV also managed all production, technology, and hospitality team members, including catering, transportation, and security services.    

What was the impact for United? Double-digit improvement in flight attendant engagement scores and a renewed commitment to taking personal responsibility for creating moments that matter on every flight. Customers say Flight Attendants are more visible, they’re communicating better, and are more friendly.  

Specialties: Site-Specific Builds, Immersive Experiences, Brand Identity, Onsite Event Management
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