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The LSAV PowerHouse Team

At LSAV, we know that happy employees make happy clients therefore we strive to create a positive company culture and work environment conducive for creativity, productivity and long-term partnerships. Meet the team leaders that drive our initiatives and power our success.
National Account Executive - Hector Vargas
Project Manager - Matt Garikes
Scenic Supervisor - Marcin Kowalik
Regional Operations Manager - Bob Sukowlosky
Audio Engineer - Dan Cantlin
Senior Video Engineer - Frank Castro
Project Manager - Scott Reams
Lighting Technician - Bill Martin
Senior Audio Engineer - Nick Crofts
Video Engineer - Tom Degutis
Asst. Warehouse Manager - Frank Robinson
Scenic Supervisor - Dawn Przybylski
Producer - Katie Baker
Scenic Technician - Pete Berrios
Audio Engineer - Diego Caballero
Media Producer - Jacob Huss
Video Engineer / QC Technician - Andrew Plotke
Technician - Jon Schy
Graphic Designer - Patricia Scott
Producer - Emma Yoder
Senior Project Manager - Brian Rothschild
Project Manager - Jay Wisner
Producer - Sophie Kowaleski

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