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For more than two decades, LSAV has successfully provided technology solutions and logistics planning for world renowned clientele. With our in-house production and creative services, scenic fabrication shop, audio-visual warehouses, and robust support staff, LSAV can take on any project challenge anywhere. Experience the difference with LSAV POWERHOUSE.

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Our Process


We ask thought-provoking questions and listen intently to your needs. We discover your objectives to develop plans for the best outcomes. Whether it is a full-scale production, custom scenic build or a masterfully designed exhibit, our clients have trusted us to deliver for more than twenty years. Create your success with LSAV POWERHOUSE.

We dig deep to uncover the details because knowledge powers success. What are your goals? What do you want your audience to think or feel about your product, event, or brand? We ask because you are the experts in your industry and we want to provide the best solutions possible.

What is realistic? Are there limitations? Can we meet the financial goals and deliver a great experience? We offer options and alternatives to every challenge, often running the gamut from pragmatic to pushing the limits. You make the choice and we get to work.

Ready to create solutions, we hit the drawing board, harnessing the energy of our resources to bring life to your vision. We oversee the tiniest details with big-picture awareness, expect the unexpected and plan accordingly. Our designs are smart, innovative and brand-enhancing, giving you more recognition with your customers and your industry.

It all comes down to the execution and ours is flawless. We stand ready for anything because we plan, test, adjust and redesign so it is right before we get there. We collaborate with you and create a final product that engages audiences and provides unforgettable experiences.

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The LSAV PowerHouse Advantage

LSAV has provided more than twenty years of innovative production solutions to corporations, associations and non-profit organizations across the globe. Our methodology is proven successful and promotes partnership because from discovery to delivery, our team of experts is there at every step to assist our clients in meeting objectives and exceeding audience expectations.

Power up with LSAV POWERHOUSE.

Tie in immediately to our industry professionals for the latest in production strategy, creative design, scenic fabrication, digital media, and event technology.

A powerhouse of full-time talent including producers, creative directors, writers, designers, graphic artists, videographers, editors, and technical specialists synchronized to meet your goals and exceed your expectations all while delivering a seamless experience.

Time is money. Yours and ours. And we don't waste it. Our internal resources – people, inventory and fabrication facilities – allow for effectiveness in project management and processes. When we need something, it is literally right down the hall.

We are invested in the long-term success of our client partnership. Every member of our team is accountable and dedicated to your goals because we are wired that way. Dedication is in our DNA.

Our four full-service locations and our international partnerships with AV Alliance translates to a working grid that is truly global.

With our dedicated staff and vast resources, we are scalable and dynamic which means value and savings for your team. Wrench in the works? No worries. We are available to solve any problem. Our team is synchronicity in motion.

Our Work

The LSAV PowerHouse Portfolio

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Spirit of United

Sweet Adelines

Lithuanian Song & Dance Festivals

Special Event Management

Flirt Communications

American Family Insurance

International Beauty Show

Abbott & AbbVie

CSEA Annual Convention

Partnership Announcement

The Kelly Companies

Investment Company Institute

United Airlines Connections

ProMat / Modex

JP Morgan Chase


Under Armour

Product Launch

The Operation

The LSAV PowerHouse Team

At LSAV, we know that happy employees make happy clients therefore we strive to create a positive company culture and work environment conducive for creativity, productivity and long-term partnerships. Meet the team leaders that drive our initiatives and power our success.

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